Health Insurance For Those Under 65 - Family & Individual

Policies designed for families and individuals who do not receive health benefits through an employer.

Here are some of the reasons families and individual purchase their own health policy:

  • Self employed
  • Early retirement - not eligible for Medicare benefits
  • Between jobs
  • Cost for dependents unaffordable under employers plan
  • Cost of COBRA is unaffordable
  • Part time employment - not enough hours to qualify for the group insurance
  • Employer does not offer the type of coverage you desire
  • Security - you are not dependent upon your employer or job in order to get medical benefits

The Process of Securing Family/Individual Health Insurance?

Concerned & Confused about health care reform?

  • Determine your budget - what is affordable to your budget? The higher the deductible the lower the premium will be. Under many plans even if you choose a high deductible you can still utilize the doctor visits copays and your drug card before you ever have to reach that high deductible.
  • Past utilization of health benefits - do you tend to utilize a doctor? Do you have a pre-existing condition that requires medical care? Have you been released from the care of your doctor for your condition?
  • Keeping your doctor It is important that your doctor in an in network provider. The penalties are high if you have to go out of network.
  • Medical underwriting process - Until January 1, 2014 we are all subject to medical underwriting. This means that an insurance company will review your medical history. Of course if you are healthy there is no problem securing medical insurance. However, in the final analysis, the insurance companies may raise the rates quoted based on specific factors determined by the carrier's medical underwriting team. You may be rated up for tobacco usage, prescription usage, recent surgeries and preexisting conditions.
  • Preventative Care - Under Health Care Reform - some test, vaccinations and preventative care examinations are covered at 100% - See the drop down box for a list.

Our Privacy Commitment to you:

We recognize, respect and will protect the personal privacy rights of all our customers. We understand that our customers entrust to us personal information. It is our policy to maintain the highest level of security regarding the collection of personal data.


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